Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Cole is a wonderful doctor! She listens and makes me feel at ease. Dr Cole is extremely knowledgeable and professional and is also a very nice person.”

Debbie M.


“The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. Dr. Lockshin has always provided me with the best medical care possible and takes time to explain everything he does. I have been going to Dr. Norman Lockshin for years and sometimes see Dr. Ben Lockshin . Would highly recommend them to everyone.”

– Andrea S.


“Dr. Ben Lockshin provided excellent medical care – a minor procedure was conducted efficiently. He answered all my questions in an informed and understandable way. Also very kind, approachable, and professional.”

Sandra M.


“We saw Dr. Melissa Abrams for my 11-year-old daughter. She was fantastic – she immediately knew how to relate to my daughter and made everyone feel comfortable. She had great advice (luckily our issues were minor) and didn’t rush at all. She chatted with us and I felt like we could hang out and have coffee – that’s how genuinely friendly she was. Would rather not need to come back, but if we do, we’ll be so happy to see Dr. Abrams again.”

Shuly Babitz and Rebecca, age 11


“Dr. Singh was excellent. He explained my condition, method of treatment, and was very professional and friendly.”

Chloe E.


“After suffering from an itchy rash for almost 3 years and seeking help from many dermatologists during that span, I was referred to Dr. Cowen , who thought I may have an auto immune disease or some type of lymphoma. Within 2 weeks I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After the second chemo treatment I finally had relief as the rash began to disappear. I greatly admire his knowledge as a physician and wish that many other doctors would think outside of the box rather than simply treating ‘the skin’.”



“As a physician, my main complaint about ben lockshin is that he only practices dermatology. i.e., I wish that all of my healthcare providers were more like him (or another partner I once consulted after hours with question).

I also wish that more medical practices were as well-run as this one — seems to be one that’s strives for the rare combination of both efficiency and patient-centeredness.

in the interest of full disclosure, I think I’ve only had one office visit. initially jarring to have unannounced scribe in the room, but having someone else dedicated to real-time dictation/notes greatly improves efficiency and allows doc to speak/interact more directly with pt (rather than typing/hiding behind computer during clinical encounter). notes/impressions are then immediately available if follow-up questions shortly after visit (which isn’t the case if have to wait for dictation/transcription).

I’ve had some phone follow-up where ben himself has returned my call (pleasant surprise that I wasn’t expecting, and which, unfortunately, some other docs refuse to do at all). this practice is busy enough that, unlike other practices, they won’t insist that you come in (i.e., that they bill you) for stuff that can be managed by phone (which I prefer over spending time/money on office visits that aren’t really necessary). ben has also offered to squeeze me in for urgent question/issue (which, after discussion with him, i chose instead to observe and which, as he predicted, started to resolve on its own).

Anon r.


“Dr. Levender is excellent. I trust his judgment fully.”

Cowan D.


“Dr. Cowen did a thorough job and asked a lot of questions so that he could really figure out what was going on. He also helped with another issues, which was not the primary reason I was seeing him but I brought up as an additional concern. He took the time to thoroughly investigate that issue as well, and I felt that he really cared and wanted to help. I was very pleased with the appointment and would definitely see Dr. Cowen again. I already recommended both he and Dr. Ben (who I have worked with as well) to friends. I am very happy to have found this office!”

Carney F.


“The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. Dr. Lockshin has always provided me with the best medical care possible and takes time to explain everything he does. I have been going to Dr. Norman Lockshin for years and sometimes see Dr. Ben Lockshin . Would highly recommend them to everyone.”

Pollard P.


“The office staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Ben Lockshin always make you feel that you have his complete attention for as long as you need it. After seeing 3 other doctors for sudden hair loss and scalp issues, Dr. Lockshin was the only one whose treatment brought the condition under control. Without a doubt, the best dermatologist there is.”

Hester M.


“I love Dr. Cole – she’s kind and funny and very smart. She doesn’t push any services or products and truly cares about her patients.”

Dickson D.C.


“I’m a new patient coming in for clinical trial. EXTREMELY friendly, thorough and efficient.”

Spence R.


“Dr. Singh is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He is knowledgeable, very friendly, good bedside manner, and always asks if there is anything else I need during a visit. Most docs these days rush through the appointment only too happy to get out the door. I have sent my wife to see Dr. Singh and she loves him too!”

Paul Steinkoenig


“Dr. Singh is an extremely competent healthcare professional who demonstrates caring and compassionate towards all his patients.”

Maddox G.


“I have never cared to write a review of a doctor before but I feel compelled to leave one for DermAssociates. I had been to a few different dermatologists before coming here and none of them made me feel as confident and well taken care of as as I have been with Dr. Singh. He has kept me informed with everything they are doing and even has chased me for information I needed to get from him. I have never had a doctor who truly seems like they actually care about me and isn’t just there to get my money. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Jordan S.


“Dr. Levender and Dr. Abrams are both excellent ,very helpful and very caring. They have gone out of their way to provide great care. Would definitely recommend both doctors and their assistants.”

Stuart D.


“Every thing ran so smooth, the M.A. and doctor team work so very well together, I was very Impressed by my level of care and that I did not have to wait @ all”

Hayden L.P.


“A very relaxing atmosphere and Dr. Benjamin Lockshin is a very confident Doctor.”

Rosario Y.


“The staff was Outstanding and Friendly. I loved that the entire staff including Dr. B. Lockshin were a relaxed group with a sense of humor.”

Lynn A.

“This office features extremely fast and efficient service. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing (at least in my case) that they go a bit fast once you’re with the doctor. In my case all that’s really needed is a quick check and a refill or adjustment in treatment. I’ve never had a feeling like I was being rushed out of the office.

I guess it does depend on what you’re there for and when you’re there. I always try to get appointments before 9am and have never had a problem. Plus, the parking lot is always less busy at that time of day.

Dr. Norman Lockshin is great and diagnosed a condition that my PCP and another doctor failed to diagnose correctly. The problem is resolving and would not have been possible without DermAssociates. The office staff is very friendly. I thank my PCP for referring me to this practice. No complaints from me!”

Kenny L.


“Dr. Patel was very informative, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Your office also does a great job giving coupons to help supplement the cost of scripts.”

Martin A.


“The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Ben Lockshin was easy to talk to and put me at ease.”

Parker E.C.


“Dr. Singh was efficient, but he was also perfectly willing to answer my many questions. Also, he was not condescending (as so many other doctors are), and did not come off as a know-it-all. I really appreciated the medical care I received from him. Additionally, filling out the first-time patient forms online was a real plus. Thanks!”



“Dr. Cole is a wonderful doctor. She always takes the time to answer questions and address concerns in a caring, helpful, professional manner.”


“This is a customer friendly physicians office. Everyone was competent, friendly and helpful. I liked the physician very much.”



“I was very impressed with DermAssociates. Our family practice referred us to them because of a suspicious spot on my husband’s neck. We were able to get an appointment for the next day and my husband pre-registered on-line before the appointment. Check-in was quick and easy and there was almost no wait. The medical assistant was pleasant and efficient. The doctor was fantastic. He works full-time at a well-respected research facility so we only saw him for our initial visit. He was informative and personable. He explained what he thought the spot was but that he would have to confirm his diagnosis with a biopsy. He was going to be out of town when the results came back, but his assistant called and confirmed the diagnosis as soon as the lab results were in. The doctor and I even talked a bit about mutual people we know at the research facility. The actual surgical procedure was made with a different associate and obviously, thought I went with him, I was not in the room when the surgery was performed. My husband said the surgeon was equally reassuring and competent as our original doctor. All tests result came back and everything is fine, but husband is using sunscreen religiously.

A few years ago I took my daughter to a dermatology appointment in an upscale neighborhood. I felt like I was in a cross between a plastic surgeon’s office and a spa. At DermAssociates it did not seem like they were promoting products, but were a more professional medical practice.”

Sharon W.


“Dr. Norman Lockshin is excellent and always allows enough time with me. He is very thorough and explains things in laymen’s terms.”

Lee C.


“Dr. Benjamin Lockshin was extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained all information that was relevant to my son’s case. He was also very friendly and personable. I highly recommend him.”

Taylor R.

“Dr. Singh is always very thorough and friendly, he remembers personal details despite only seeing him annually. I appreciate the care he shows and definitely recommend him to anyone that asks.”



“Staff from making appointment, reception, medical assistant and Dr. were all incredible. My daughter has been seeing staff there for several months and told me it was the place to go. Everyone is helpful and treats you warmly.”

Bill Schell

“Dr. Ben is excellent!!!! He remembered who I was and even asked about my dogs. LOL”


“Dr. Abrams was extremely awesome! She was so pleasant and explained everything well. She was very thorough and very caring.”

Mitchell O.

“Wonderful. Dr. Ben is great and I have enjoyed being a patient of both him and his dad’s. Glad they have a Rockville office now.”

Jackson A.

“I just had my first visit and was extremely impressed with the staff’s friendliness and efficiency. My doctor took the time to listen to my concerns, examine me, and clearly explain everything to me. I couldn’t be more grateful. I will highly recommend Derm Assoc. To my friends!!”

Janet Kearns

“Excellent run medical office”

Bailey V.

“Dr. Norman is terrific – sees patients on time, is very personable, is thorough in his examination and is decisive about any action to be taken.”

Sanders G.H.

“I will be bringing the rest of my family to see Dr. Abrams; she was great!”


“Dr. Lockshin was very helpful in explaining everything and put me at ease when he evaluated my symptoms in the office. I felt comfortable that he cared about his diagnosis and was thorough in his assessment and care.”


“Everyone at the office is very friendly from making an appointment to the care of the doctors. Always recommend when someone is asking for dermatologists.”


“I have gone to a number of dermatologists previously and was very disappointed with all of them. Dr. Norman Lockshin is the only one who provided me with the care and information I expected.”

Ross W.

“I had an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Lockshin. He is great and very friendly.”


“Dr. Ben Lockshin is awesome !! I have sent several referrals to you.”


“I had not been to Derm Associates before and I thought everything about my experience to be totally professional. I left feeling very confident in the doctor and his assessment of my condition. I would definitely recommend DermAssociates to others.”

Patricia H.

“We always expect, and certainly receive from BOTH Dr. Lockshins and Dr. Cole, outstanding service!”


“Dr. Cole is great. She listens to you, is humorous and sincerely cares.”

Susan Q.

“I am so glad to have found Dr. Norman, a caring doctor, and a practice that is a genuine doctors’ office, not a beauty salon. After having had two very negative experiences with dermatologists in the area who were only interested in their own agenda, not mine, I’m so very grateful for Dr. Norman and DermAssociates.”

Dorothy F.

“Had a great experience. Dr. Singh communicated clearly and made sure that I fully understood the procedure. He also called back personally to let me know that the biopsy was fine. Overall it was a great experience.”


“My mom brothers and sister have been going to Dr. Ben Lockshin for years – HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! He is caring, skilled, intelligent, and very funny!”

Carol S.

“Dr. Ben Lockshin is one of my favorite docs. He’s funny & very personable. I have referred him to others”


“First-rate experience, from setting up the appointment all the way through to checking out.”

Nancy D.

“Dr. Cole is exceptional! She is passionate about her work and has a wonderful bedside manner. A real joy to see as my dermatologist.”

Linda M.P.

 “I love Dr. Abrams. She is so smart and loves her job. I always look forward to seeing her and she is so kind to everybody. She is so knowledgable in her job and she helps me in the best way possible. Keep up the amazing work Dr. Abrams !!”

R.F. (13)

 “Dr. Singh is wonderful: He is kind and smart and he seems interested in helping patients feel better. He diagnosed my problem more completely than any other doctor, and he gave me a solution to help me feel better.”


 “The most professional doctor’s office I’ve ever been in. On time, responsive and efficient.”

Ethan E.

 “I love Dr. Norman Lockshin! With so many doctors spending less and less time with patients, Dr. Lockshin really took his time and answered every question I had…he was very helpful.”

Ava T.

 “I am normally anxious an anxious patient, but everyone at DermAssociates contributes to the welcoming environment. Dr. Norman sets the tone, and it goes from there. Everyone is competent, friendly and accessible. I almost enjoy going to the doctor.”


 “Derm Associates represents, no doubt, one of the very best health care experience for me and my family. Everyone at the practice is caring, professional and caring. I deal with crisis control cases every day at work and my years of coming to Derm Associates always represent a time when I know I can relax and receive pleasant but effective advise and treatment. Of course, I wish we didn’t need to see a doctor for any reason but if I have to see a physician, I am delighted that Derm Associates can be my family’s choice.”

Abigail D.

 “So glad I found Derm Associates.”

Olivia F.

 “LOVED every minute of this appointment. I have NEVER seen a doctors office so beautiful and full of amazing staff!! WOW!!”

Jacob C.

 “As a 65 year RN that has been exposed to many office visits both professionally and personnel. I found this visit very positive and information. It was the best Dermatology experience I have ever had.”

Charlotte L.

 “My wife and I have had 30 years of excellent dermatologic care at DermAssociates, including very successful diagnosis and cure of melanoma.”


 “The atmosphere of the office was very friendly everyone had a smile on their face. the assistant were very nice I felt very comfortable speaking to him. It was overall very nice experience and I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.”


 “First time in 15 years seeing dermatologist. Great listens, makes you feel relaxed right away. He’s the kind of doctor all doctors should be. Dr. Lockshin was very generous. Would recommend to friends and others.”


 “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Norman Lockshin for 30 yrs. Now that says something about my satisfaction with the high quality of care I’ve received from everyone. Dr. Abrams is a superb doctor and I will recommend her to everyone.”

Joshua A.

 “Benjamin Lockshin makes me feel like I’m visiting a special friend, who also does his medical duties. He is both professional and personal…I have sent several of my friends to him. I have seen several dermatologists over the years, and B. L. is truly among the very best.”

Christian D.

 “I typically see Dr. Cole but recently worked with Dr. Singh. Both are wonderful! My experience has been overwhelmingly positive – they are very approachable, straight-forward, timely, and knowledgeable. Additionally they have gone above and beyond what I would ever expect of doctors to address issues I’ve had with the pharmacy. I frequently refer friends and colleagues and would highly recommend both doctors to anyone!”

Ryan W.A.