Surgical Dermatology

Dermatologic surgery is the area of dermatology that specializes in surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments to improve the health, function, and appearance of your skin. Dermatologic surgeons are pioneers in the research and development of many of today’s most effective therapeutic and cosmetic skin care solutions. For example, the art and science of procedures for the treatment of skin cancer, aging and sun-damaged skin, scars and more were investigated and refined by dermatologic surgeons. Dr. Michelle Levender, our Mohs surgeon, has expertise in all these areas as well as excisions of benign growths such as cysts or lipomas, dysplastic nevi, and other skin tumors.

Dermatologic surgeons such as Dr. Levender are the unrivaled specialists in the diagnosis, removal, closure and overall treatment of skin cancer. From Mohs micrographic surgery to simple biopsies and excisions, dermatologic surgeons can control and effectively treat skin cancer with early detection achieving excellent cosmetic results.