Our Physicians

Dr. Norman A. Lockshin, founder of DermAssociates, PC, began his practice in 1974 in Silver Spring, Maryland. For more than 40 years, Dr. Lockshin has built one of the largest and most respected dermatology practices in the Washington, DC metro area. Today, DermAssociates has nine board-certified physicians including a pediatric dermatologist, a Mohs surgeon, and a dermatopathologist.
Dr. Norman A. Lockshin
Dr. Norman A. LockshinMD FAAD FACP
Dr. Benjamin Lockshin
Dr. Benjamin LockshinMD FAAD
Dr. Edward Cowen
Dr. Edward CowenMD MHSc FAAD
Dr. Amy B. Cole
Dr. Amy B. ColeMD FAAD
Dr. Saurabh Singh
Dr. Saurabh SinghMD FAAD
Dr. Melissa Abrams
Dr. Melissa AbramsMD FAAD
Dr. Michelle Levender
Dr. Michelle LevenderMD FAAD, FACMS
Dr. Sridhar Dronavalli
Dr. Sridhar DronavalliMD FAAD
Dr. Janet Lin
Dr. Janet LinMD FAAD
Dr. Aubrey Wagenseller
Dr. Aubrey WagensellerMD FAAD